Hohdown, March 19

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
I'll probably be there Wed, leaving Sunday. Need to check her Ladyship's on-call calendar to see if she's not stuck at the hospital. if she is, I'll have to stick around to "release the hounds". Jerry, put up your mailing address so we can send food $!
So, a bit of an unofficial poll here:

What should my third beer I brew up for this be? I already have an imperial stout, and winter warmer in the keg and cellaring. I'm thinking either a nice, big weizenbock (strong, dark, wheat beer), or something smokey like a rauchbier to complement the bacon bomb.
I am going to try to do Thursday through Sunday, still waiting on some training event dates at work to firm up before I can say for sure.
Will be bringing the camper and drift boat, and may have a seat available depending on how many of the Healing Waters kids we can spring from the WTU.
Im also planning on brewing a beer to contribute. It sounds like there is going to be plenty of big dark beers there, has anyone else committed to an IPA yet? Suggestions?

Evan, Ive never tried either of those beers, but am looking forward to them.

Getting F'n Stoked!!