Gig Harbor Fly Shop Expanding


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For those that don't know. The Gig Harbor Fly Shop is moving across the street to a larger building on January 1. Bigger is Better!!! They will have 3 times the space and more stuff! Go for it! Go check them out! :thumb:
Would be a heck of a road trip for me to come check it out but have ordered many many a time from them online. Great people and service! :thumb:

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
That 's definitely good news and I only hope that they are leaving those stairs behind. But they are a great bunch and have given me great service and information. Good luck in the new year guys.


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As a former Home(anian), and from the "Peninsula" it is great to hear that local businesses are growing! I'll be in next time I'm in the Harbor!