Best thing you bought this year?


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Let's face it-we have a lot of consumers on this board and some of the stuff we buy is actually useful. Are there products that you acquired in the past year that bring a smile to your face when you use them and give you a sense of satisfaction? Let's hear what the good stuff was, not confined to just fishing related.

Living out here in the boonies I don't get to the city very often and seldom get to handle things before I buy them. I have to rely on the internet for information and often ask you guys for advice because you are so much more hands-on. Some products arrive and the second I look at them I know they are going back. But some are real treasures that I don't know now how I lived without them.

What are yours?



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This should be a great thread!

My tent (REI Halfdome 2+) with two, side-by-side,Thermarest Expedition mattresses.

I did a fair amount of camping/fishing trips this year and these have improved my disposition immeasurably. :thumb:


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Bought a couple North Face wear products. Have been really happy with wind stopper rain pull over jacket, keeps body dry. Bought it at REI on sale, also bought a lightweight stocking hat for work....good stuff, slowly becoming a fan of North Face over Patagonia. REI has some good stuff under their name too.


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Gas, No really, I stopped somewhat worrying as much about the cost and just bought it and went fishing. That and ferry fees.



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One of these little "floatant caddy's" that hook on my vest. Silly, but I love the convenience of having the dry fly floatant right there, upside down, not having to "squeeze" any to get it out on my fly. Why I didn't have one years ago beats me.... ah, simple pleasures.


I hope she likes whitefish
Baby backpack for my daughter. We couldn't have done with out it this year.
Redington CPX 6 wt switch. This thing is by far my favorite rod.
Georgia boot - Romeos for my son, he loves those things and they look really sharp on him too.
Bikes for the family and a trailer for my daughter. We love being active, but didn't know how to get my 1 year old daughter out there. The trailer was the ticket!

Those are the ones that pop into my head.
I'd have to say the combination of my my wife's wedding ring, new fish mobile (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and my first spey rod... All just symbols of how great of a year it's been...