Food for the Hoh Down.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, figured I'd post this up now. Figured that way it would give you guys a chance to buy in. Moneys have to be to me by FRIDAY MARCH 11th!!!!! I will be doing the food buy on March 12th or 13th. So if you want to be included in food I need you to sign up here on this thread and tell me how many people you're paying for. I'd prefer NOT to get buy ins at the event. Space is limited, so try not to buy too much extra food. I prefer not to turn people away, not my style. So unless you plan to bring your own food I need payment in by the 11th of March so you can grub on some of my chow. :)

So here's the deal. $40 per person buys all the food for Breakfasts Fri/Sat/Sun and dinners Thu/Fri/Sat (if you want to donate more you're more then welcome). That includes all the desserts and sides for dinner as well and all the fixins for breakfasts too and fills my propane tanks, buy charcoal, and other misc supplies (like plates, etc). I'm going to try and keep all the food under my control. In past events (Hoh Down, Cowtilla, and a few others) I've agreed to others to bring sides or main dishes. I've been burned a few times (thankfully one event I was prepping food for breakfast the next day so I was able to change it up and make dinner with it). If you have a side (like Lonnies Blodgett Beans, which WILL be back this year) we can talk about it. :) This years Saturday dinner will be pretty much identicle to last years. Lots of good food, easy prep, and people seemed to love it. I will be buying TWO full ribeyes to smoke this year. That way we have plenty (we ran short thanks to quite a few last minute buy ins). So refuse to do that this year. Hope you all understand. I do take pride in what I do, so like to make sure people go away full with food left over, not just appeased but wanting more. We were pretty close to scratch on rest of meals. I'd rather have a bit too much then not enough. Why amount of people are key for me doing my food planning.

So you have two ways to pay.

1. You can paypal me at [email protected].

2. Mail me a check (prefered, but you can send cash) to:
Jerry Daschofsky
25902 70th Ave E
Graham, WA 98338

If you do paypal or send me a check PLEASE OH PRETTY PLEASE tell me who you are on here if you use a moniker. Last year I got alot of people who forgot to put thier board monikers in the remarks so had to run them down. Also, let me know if you are paying for anyone else if you pay more then $40 (that way I know if you're tossing more in or paying for someone else).

I do know some people are stressed for cash. Why I figured I'd start this up now, giving you some time to put it together or hopefully you'll have your tax return back. Maybe even do a hog trade. :beer1:

Here's some teaser pics from a couple events (previous Hoh Downs and the 2 fly in August). :)

BTW, yes I do fish while I'm here. So no worries about me doing my camp cook duties. I'm not in camp all day. But help is always appreciated, especially for cleanup. :)

Update 1/8/2011
Added note for those who don't plan to be there everyday. If you only want to pay for a couple days (say you're only going to be there for Saturdays food) it's $5 a day for Thursday and Sunday (doing dinner one day and breakfast on the other), $10 for Friday, and $20 for Saturday. Saturday is by far the most expensive day for obvious reasons. So if you just want to pay for a couple days, there you go. Just thought about that when I was computing my Project Healing Waters guys into the mix. They'll only be there Saturday and Sunday. So if you pay for specific days, let me know. AND, I won't take last minute buy ins at the Hoh Down. Want to be fair to those who paid beforehand. Don't want to short people like I had to last year (I know, should've told the last minutes to F off, but I'm actually a nice guy in person LOL). So if you paypal me a lesser amount, let me know which days you plan to be there too.

Jerry Daschofsky

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This will be the post for Who have paid. :)

Jerry Daschofsky (Paid)
Paul Huston (Paid)
Evan Burck (Paid)
Havespoon (Paid)
Jeff Bandy (Paid)
Rob Ast (Paid)
Ralphie (Paid)
Mumbles (Paid)
fodf (Paid)
Paul Norton (Paid)
Alex Macdonald (Paid
Matt Smith (Paid)
Salmo G (Paid)
Blake Harmon (Paid)
J.Michelle Swope (Paid)
Dustin Bise (Paid)
Theonethatgotaway (Paid)
Hikepat (Paid)
Orangeradish (Paid)
Don Childs (Paid)
Chris Scoones (Paid)
Matthew Gulbranson (Paid)


Team Umiak
Jerry, I'll pony up whether I can make it or not. Such an epic event..thank you for doing what you and Lonnie do.

Ed Call

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  1. Payment sent
  2. Jerry's food rocks
  3. This fat kid likes eating well on outings
  4. Davey was using his finger tongs
  5. Scoones was eating in the chow line
  6. Nobody better stiff the cook, that guy busts his ass for all!

Jerry Daschofsky

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Do you have your temporary event permit? I see several violations there. I think you need an inspection.

Go Sox,
LOL, you're funny. We don't need a permit. And just in case there are others now who are wondering, here's the scoop legally (and BTW, I've had to get permits and be responsible for them, and those were only for public events like the ones I've done at Cabelas and the likes).

Are there any events that DO NOT require temporary food permits?
Your event is not considered a temporary food service if the food is prepared or provided by members of the group for members of the group and their invited guests such as:

•a meeting or an event of a private or charitable organization, association, or club;
•an activity of a church or other religious congregation;
•a gathering such as a party, picnic, or potluck held by a neighborhood, family, community, school, or office;
•a traditional Native Potlatch.
Again, this is only if the gathering is private. Any public advertisement or public invitation will mean a permit is required.

So, since you have to be a member to sign up or a guest of a member here, it's a private event. But, if someone on here wants to raise a stink about this being a public domain (which it is a private board, it's owned by Chris Scoones not us), I'm sure I can get Chris to make a "members only" events page I can post this up on. Maybe I'll do that anyways. :) That way any assholes who want to be snippy can't say shit. :)