Swap meat chuckers delight

Ed Call

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Made up my hook/stinger setups, mounted my eyes last night and left them overnight to rotate to dry. Spun up my maribou ropes and trimmed up my other materials that will be necessary for the wrapping and finishing. I think I'm on track and on time. I'm leaving it up to you all to debarb and clip or not clip the front or rear hook. Regs may be different in your riffle of the river.

mike doughty

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o.k. ladies not to try and step this up but i just got a call yesterday regarding a job in saudi arabia and if i take it it would be around the 1st part of march, so even though the deadline is march 1st, anyone that has been involoved in these swaps before knows that there is usually always a straggler or 2. to make a long story short let's not lolly gag around on this one cause i won't turn down $111,000 for a year just cuse of some swap flies.