Blaine Flyfishing Class


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To anyone in the Bellingham area interested in teaching kids to fly fish:

We are about to start our second year of our flyfishing class here at Blaine Middle school.

Last year we had 27 kids sign up, and thanks to the help of Ed Megill, Holly Bullock, Jim and Mary Johnson of the Methow Flyfishers, as well as Klaus and friends at the 4th Corner FLy Club we managed to have a successful class.

We're back at it this year with two classes. The advanced class for the kids we started with last year will start January 2oth and the beginning class will start March 1st. Classes will be from 3 to 5 on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If you'd like to help out teaching casting or tying please let me know.


Ken Johnson
Blaine Middle School
[email protected]
360-332-8226 ext.1203