Advice on Spey reels

Hello, I'm new to the forum and I have a question about reels. I'm thinking of getting the Bauer MZ7 (from Sierra Trading Post) for my DECHO 13'3 8 wt with a 600 grn Airflo skagit. How will this reel balance my rod? Is it too big?

Any other recommendations for someone on a budget? I'm thinking I need to replace my TFO PRISM 9/11 that acted up on me the other day.

Conversely is there a way to keep the drag on the TFO from freezing on cold days?

stewart dee

Not sure what your max budget is but Scott Mann is selling a 4" Dingley Perfect in the classifieds on this forum. Want a bombproof - freeze proof get it done reel that will outlast you, there it is.
I just retired my TFO prisim 10/11 for a pflueger 1598 RC. Its the model with the exposed rim. Love it so far and you cant beat the price...I think I paid under 30 bucks for it. It has already proven itself on some nice B run fish. I use it on my 13' 0 7wt DECHO and it balances beautifully........