Sfr: Legendary Steelhead Pic Photoshop Thread


stewart dee

Man these are great, the more I see that guy the more I like him. Possible cover model for the Drake Magazine.


Bird Dogs and Fly Rods
Since the low steelhead returns to Northwest Rivers have called for drastic measures, today the WDFW announced a revolutionary and aggressive new strategy for dealing with sea lion predation at Bonneville Dam...


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Okay, I gotta ask...has the person who has brought us so much laughter know about or seen how much commotion he has brought to Washington Fly Fishing?

Ed Call

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Thad, does your brother Bobo fish or just raise the day's catch in triumph when it gets home. Has he been to any of the places he appears in the photos? Flat Stanley style...has he been there? If so, how are the Bobo-M-C-A girls or the Cheerleaders?