Doe anyone know of a good medium action

fiberglass rod in a 8' 6" to 9',3 piece,5# configuration.

I am getting ready to sell two fiberglass and two bamboo rods. With the wife going back to work, I can afford to invest in a nice rod.

I am thinking of either buying a 9',3 piece ,5# Hexagraph or having a fiberglass rod built.

I have two Fisher Glass rods, but their action is abit too slow for me.

I am interested to hear other people's thoughts. Thanks,Mark.
Call Steffen fly rods. He make is own blanks and builds rods. They are a Med. action and a awesome rod. If you go to fiberglass fly rodders. There are a lot on different rod makers.


Joe Streamer
8'6" 5/6wt is a configuration from Mark Steffen that gets rave reviews (I have a 7'9" 5/6 from him and it's one of my favorites). But stretching out to 9'0" and a true 5wt might be pushing the limits of glass for a true "medium" action rod.


fish'n glass
hey CD,
Lugan is right about your potential difficulty. i have a system 5 rod that's fairly quick for glass, but it's only 7'7". a system 6 or system 7 might fit the bill, and they turn up every so often on the fiberglass flyrodders site and ebay. as far as i know, Steffen is your best bet. i've heard many guys rave about their 8'3" 5/6wt and they make an 8'6" version as well. i think it's pretty tough to find a 5wt rod over 8' in length that still has a crisp action. i have a 5pc yellow fenwick (made by tiemco) that's 7'9" that is a great multi-purpose rod. you're welcome to test-cast a few of my 5wt glass rods just for fun, but the two longest are 8'0" (fenwick FF805 and sage 805 SFL). PM me if you're interested.
I appreciate the offer but I have two 8'6",3/2,5# W.M. Granger Rods that I am going to be selling. I have three in that configuration and only fish one of them. Thanks,Mark.
Mike McFarland has an 8'8" 5/6 glass rod he named the Limestone. The taper was made for casting where there's not alot of room for a backcast. I have a 5 piece built from a blank by Matt Leiderman. I would say the action is medium fast for glass and it will cast alot of line. A good distance caster could throw the whole line without much effort.
Mike is implementing alot of changes to his business right now so I don't know whether he intends to keep this taper in his line-up but it might be worth a call to see. He may even have a blank laying around.
Mark Steffen makes a 8'6" 6 wt glass that is very sweet. My fishing partner just got one and we fished on the Deshutes last week. Nice action, not heavy, and within your budget...
Good luck,