Flys & Pies

Thought I'd host a get together Feb,19. At my house. Do some tying, do some pizza/beer and talk shit. I live in Edmonds, have plenty of room and parking for say 12.

As a added twist. We will mix this with a swap. You bring 9 of the same pattern, bagged in threes. 3x3. When we swap, you get 3 of each pattern back. Nothing as annoying as finding something that works and only having one of them. Bring mats. to tie up more of the same. That way, if anyone wants to see how it's done, you can show them.

The goal will be tying for the Hohdown of course.

1. Chef
2. Lonnie
3. Stilly Stalker
4. Philster
5. scottflycst
6. Paul Norton
7. Gary Knowels
8. bushwacker

Ed Call

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Jeff, Saturday the 19th of February? What time? I think I'm up for that. Any Kitsap carpoolers wanting to go and split the ferry crossing let me know. I know where the Bandy man is located, his GPS lo-jack has been active and sending a strong signal.

Ed Call

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Lets do it in the evening. Say 5 or 6. I can do pick-up/drop off for the boat people.
Boat people, that is what you are gonna call us? Boat people? Oh man, you are so in for it the next time your ferry crosses to the west and you are looking for a ride...boat people!


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Well OK. Were you been hiding your self?

Back in the 70's there was a saying "Life's shit, and then you die". Let's just say I've experienced the first part. I guess I'm just waitin' to die ;-) Haven't hoisted a rod or a tying spool in over a year. Gotta get back in to both. Anything off your beaches around that day? If it's going to be in the evening, I might try to hit the beach before hand! If my waders still fit!