lenore on the opener

im heading over to lenore for the weekend following the opener. never fished it at this time but have heard good things. i fished it last april and did the shallow water chironomid fishery on the north end but i am geussing that it will not be the same drill on the opener. ive got my 6 wt, my tube and my weekend and am looking to make something out of it. any tips would be much appreciated. thanks.


"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."
-James Douglas Morrison
I've fished Lenore many times over the years.It is a lake where what works today won't work next time.Different color wooley buggers esp.purple and chartruese are good but sometimes you have to take off the tail to make them work.When everything fails put on your brightest steelhead patterns,like a Skykomish sunrise or other bright fly.They almost always work.A lot of steelhead flies started out as cutthroat flies.
You know those stream scenes on opening day, where guys in waders are lined up shoulder to shoulder, tangling casts, threatening fistfights, and joking about how "I should have brought my own rock to stand on!"? Picture the same scene on one corner of a lake, with everybody bobbing around in float tubes. That's Lenore on Opening Day. Great spectator sport, like the prelims on "American Idol."