Jurassic lake report


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Awesome report Mike!

Love it all!

I was wondering do you have any idea why those fish are in the creek? migrate up to spawn?



Indi "Ira" Jones
Dear lord, I love the look of those fish. Thanks for the report, and I don't believe the delivery method is inappropriate.

I was just down in El Calafate, and apparently the lake right there in El Calafate has some very large trout. I met one of the shop owners who is an avid fisherman and he said don't pay Calafate Fly Fishing the $550.00 per day rate, just go with him, the shop owner, in a taxi, something like 20 pesos, and fish the entrance of the Boca in front of town.

I also heard of Jurassic lake before I went down, but I didn't know anything about it. How much did your fishing trip cost?

Thanks, and great fishing in the future!

Larry Tamiyasu


Not to be confused with Freestone
Did anyone happen to catch the size of the tippet -- holysmokes -- looks like a tarpon set-up!

Probably dumb to ask if you had fun... well... did ya? ptyd

Thanks for sharing!
I can not say anything more than what has been said, sick, WTF and hot damn!!! If you ever need someone to tag along and tie your flies on, clean lines or just fish, my name is BRAVEHEART!!! Nice pics!!! Remember William Wallace. I will even cook, oh ya did I say my name is BRAVEHEART?!!!!!