NFR: "to" and "too"

Vladimir Steblina

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There something to be said about not being ignorant.
Being a non-native English speaker I understand the difficulty of learning English. I suspect most people that only speak English tend to have higher standards than the rest of the world.

In a informal situation, of which this is one I could care less as long as I can understand the point.

In a professional setting, I always have somebody read my writing.
Grammar police are among the more annoying of society's busybodies, but there's something to say for taking an extra second to get the spelling, capitalization, grammar, or punctuation correct. We mostly write here in order to persuade (that's what I'm doing now). Every error in presentation is a gnat buzzing around the reader's consciousness, thereby distracting him from following one's argument.
I couldn't agree more!

But while we're on the subject of 'to/too's,' how about the number 2. Show of hands here: Is it the second number or third of the Cardinal Numbers?


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Aahh!!......the joys and travails of cabin fever. Just 37 more days till the lowland opener. Bite down hard on that bullet my friends-this last month is going to be tough!



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okay...since we are on the matter, about the use of loose and lose...I think maybe our written language is changing and we are in midst of history changing....20 years from now it will be acceptable. 2nite I rest, 2morow I will B well rested and thnk about wht Ive 4goten! More and more people are reading txts and computer forum language and not the written ink word.
I have no idea how old any of you guys are, where you went to school, or how much schooling you had. Nor do really give a rat a$$. But when I went to school English classes were madatory! Grades 1 through 8 + 3 years during 9 through 12. And if you went to college you had more of it rammed down your throat, whether (not weather or wither) you wanted it or not! And no one hated it worse than I. Or stuggled as hard to even get a passing grade. But eventually some of it stuck.

While we're at it, keyboards only came on manually operated typewriters. Typing classes were only taken by girls and nerds. Texting has it's place. Like shorthand of years past. But it is not and will not replace proper English or diction. There are legitiment reasons why some words that are spelled differently and sound the same and some that are spelled the same sound different. There is more to it than stupid rules that drive you nuts.

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Now that we are onto page two, I too, will reply to this thread. I was not going to right away. I did not want to get in too soon, but also wanted to add my two sentences, or a few, to this gathering. JD, they may not have had typing glasses for boys in your day. I'm no spring chicken. I have learned to type pretty well for a dude. Actually, the rate at which I get paid is greatly accentuated by my typing ability. The longer it takes me to produce whatever product I've been tasked with, the longer it takes me to earn the funds for that project.

I make more errors in spelling, grammar and syntax than most. I am not a role model.
I'm very,very sorry I started this. It just bugged the crap out of me for a second and I allowed the impulse to dictate my course of action. I really appreciate this forum as a resource to improve my fishing, learn more about the fishery and conservation, and generally make my day better when I can't actually get out and fish. I apologize if I offended anyone. We all fish the fly (hopefully) and I would like to think we can agree that that alone implies some level of intellect. Sorry again folks.


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  • the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
  • a systematic orderly arrangement
  • studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences

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If you want to see a new language. Watch the kids when they text each other. My granddaughter's finger fly over them little keys on her phone. I don't care what she is saying as I don't understand their symbols.