Question about wrapping finish?

Just wrapped my first fly rod and am getting ready to apply finish. Do I start spinning the rod in the dryer before I start applying coat? Any help would be appreciated.
You're choice, whichever makes you comfortable and style of brush or spatula used. With flexcoat lite and a beginner I would recommend a small brush and apply a thin coat, just soaking the thread. Plan on 2-3 coats, helps if the dryer is 18 rpm or less for better control. I apply with rod turning, be sure it's level and centered in your chuck. Good Luck!!!
Thanks for the info. I will start in the morning and let you know how it goes. Steffen blank 7' 6" 4wt is what I'm building by the way.
I used to apply epoxy on the rod turner, but now I just spin it by hand on the wrapper using a spatula to apply FlexCoat high build. I found my turner was too slow at 3 rpm.