"Learning From the Water" Rene Harrop book...opinions

I'm sure it's been discussed, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my search. I'm trying to do some reading to really become a better fisherman for this upcoming season. While in my local shop today, I saw a copy of Rene Harrop's "Learning From the Water". Just wondering what some of your thoughts are on the book. Thank you everyone.


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If you already saw the book, you probably already have some idea what it looks like, great images, artworks, and high quality printing from Rene and Bonnie (his wife). I enjoy this book a lot, especially all the fishing stories from Rene and his "hunt" strategies. take a trout in the most challenging spring creek (arguably). From id hatch, rise form, approaching, presentation, casting strategy to tying his signature flies... a book pretty much talk about everyhing... combine "how to instruction" and "angling stories". I think this is the book you will read many times... especially if you are a dryfly enthusiastic. Highly recommended!