Chironomid Books... suggestions?


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Was wondering if anyone could recommend a book on tying chironomids. The books I have only have one or two recipes.

Thank you in advance.

Mike Monsos

AKA flyman219
I just picked up Modern Midges by Rick Takahashi. You will find more than enough patterns to keep you busy in it. It's a nice book and spiral bound so it will lay or stand flat.


Rick Todd

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Phil Rowley also has a very good book on fishing stillwaters including chironomids but also other types of bugs-definitely worth it! Rick


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Chef, these recommendations are excellent and I'd like to add a couple more.
First, rent and watch any of Brian Chan's videos on the subject. He ties up a few designs that are must haves and explains the chironomid fishing process quite well.
Second, author Jack Shaw has a book entitled "Tying Flies for Trophy Trout". In his book he chronicles the early days of chirono fishing, the fly designs, the notable players, and helps the reader understand how and why chirono fishing is so effective. What we know of that style of fishing on this continent actually began here in the northwest (BC).
If you're looking for patterns to try, the website I shared with you on sat. is a great resource as are many other places on the web, more than enough to keep you busy for several years. Start stocking your flybox with basic sizes and colors, you'll cover 90% of the chirono fishing you'll encounter. Brian Chan some years back designed the "red-butt chironomid" I've caught my share of fish with that design and with several others.


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Midge Magic by Don Holbrook & Ed Koch. It also has some interesting material alternatives. And I echo any think by Phil & Brian.