We made a fly tying box


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My Brother built me a fly tying box as an Xmas present. He built the frame out of mahogany and cherry, and his wife painted some nice NW art modeled after a Joe Wilson pic. Here’s the box closed:

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The box was empty on Xmas day and we went off exploring ways to fill it with compartments and attach the tying vice, etc. We found this picture on the web and used it as model:


So, Super Bowl Sunday, we drank beer and went to work. We added the compartment dividers, and got a nice piece of hemlock plank to support the vice. The hemlock is on hinges so it folds out of the box. It has a wood support that swings out on hinges. We cut up some plexi-glass for doors over the side compartments. Fashioned dowel rod pieces for supporting thread spools. Got some stretch straps to secure hackle and such. We put in a small bolt slider to lock the vice panel into place (through the wood support) so it won’t move when tying flies. Lots of little things that had to be done. Still need to get some foam to store the tools under the vice plank. Drum roll…………. here’s the completed product pics (empty and filled):
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Ed Call

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Oh that will never do. I'll come pick it up to take it to the recycling station. Honestly, that is some really nice looking art and craftsmanship.
Looks great. What are the little silver clips around the edges? When are you going to have mine done and how much is it going to cost me?


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Jeff, not sure what you are referring to, but there are silver clip corner brackets to protect the edges since I know I will be banging it into stuff a lot. This a mobile fly tying bench for camping trips that I'm sure will see lots of abuse. Hopefully not too much. My previous "mobile bench" was a breakfast-in-bed tray that I clamped my vice to and a big bag of stuff. This was a very rewarding project. It took about 25 hrs of fun labor. I had Wood Working 101 in high school many moons ago (with Brother Bill in Catholic school as the instructor that lost a finger in the wood shop....hmmmm), so I'm not a master carpenter to say the least. I think the average Joe could handle it.

Rob Ast

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That is sweet. That's how I would like to roll on my fly-fishing travels. If you have any desire to make more let me know. I'm sure appropriate compensation can be agreed upon.
Man, sweet box and great brother. I wish I had a brother that could do that. Any thought of possibly making and selling those. I would be the first in line.