Favorite winter steelhead patterns.

My favorites this winter have been different variations of the Akroyd especially the Steelhead Akroyd. I can't figure out how to post my pictures though.
Kilowatt- It's got a jig hook, barbell weight, flash, cactus chenille, red head - all the major triggers. I fish it 90% of the time and catch about 90% of my steelhead on it.

Oh, and I caught a nice steelie on an unweighted egg sucking leech swung on a full sinking head this year.


sorry for the bad pic, but at least you got your pic


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Holy crap, do we need to tie them on and cast them for you too?


Tough not to find a few that really call to you out of this group of possibilities. What do you fish currently? I hear you are a prime time fish slayer. A peek into your fly box would be nice if you'll share!
Dude I just gotta give you props...he asks for pictures, you post more than 50! I've been too lazy to log in and look at these till now. Cue Dr Evil...Eeexxxxxccccceeeellllleeennnnt!


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I used to carry my bugs in a plano type box. After dumping them for the umteenth time I changed over to a different style of box but not before taking advantage of them laying on the snow one day.....

Been playing around with tubes:

but I really like the way Dees wings look in the water



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Very nice guys!

Here are a few of my go-to's. Not pictures is a blue, purple, and green version of the low-pros on the right. Those speys are also my main patterns and colors for the CW. Between those two and the one not pictured, a lot of CW water fish saw the rocks this past year. Ralfish, I really like that bottom Dee!