12wt Clear floating lines for Mexico... perfect for Crease flies and Popers

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Cortland PE Crystal fly lines 12 wt
Hey Guys,

I have 3 Cortland PE Crystal 12 wt clear floating fly lines, These are the pertfect CLEAR FLOATING LINES FOR MEXICO., Fast front taper for casting Crease flies and Poppers...never been in the water, brand new lines...all 3 for $100.00 I pay the shipping.....Or $35.00 each and you pay the postage...That's about 1/2 price ----email me [email protected]

Thanks for looking ...PS I also have a few MEXICO CREASE FLIES

These Crease flies are the RD Crease flies. I will try and post a picture for you. I tie these in lots of differnt colors, These flies are 100% the best producers for Dorado-Sailfish-Marlin and Roosters in Mexico.....If you could just email me your email addy, I could send lots of pictures.

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