Diesel Reels

I was recently looking for a 'workhorse' type 5wt reel for a Winston DL4 I picked up this winter. I happened to get an advert email from Leland/Red Truck about their new Diesel reels around the same time.

I ordered a 5/6 model which arrived earlier this week. I haven't fished it yet but I am very pleased with it so far. It's like they took the best of the Hardy JLH and Marquis and added a little of their own design and modern manufacturing. It's sort of like a JLH with a palming rim on the spool with nice anodizing and all the rough 90deg angles rounded off. The only plastic in the whole reel is the handle.

I'm still thinking about my 'dream reel' for my 'dream rod' a recently acquired Tom Morgan but for fishing in the in the meantime, I think I'll probably order another Diesel in smaller size.

I have no connection with Leland other than being a satisfied customer. And again, I haven't fished it yet but from my initial inspection, I like this reel better than the Hardy Lightweights, Marquis, Islander IRs, Abel TR/Creek or Redlington CT all of which I have owned & fished in various sizes. It's not a Perfect or a Bougle(my fave) but I don't think it was meant to be.

Switch/spey sizes should be coming soon.

Given a choice, I'll always support my local retailer, Avid Angler, because they are just plain fantastic. However, I'm impressed with Leland as a retailer so far. The hand written thank you note in the box is a classy touch. They seem to be in touch with their core customer base.


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The only thing I don't like about them is the "compare at" price and the claim that they are half off. They cost what they cost. And the price they are asking, compared to a similar Hardy product? They should be proud of what they are giving you for the price and not play any games.

For your dream reel to match your dream rod, check out the 3 inch model from Speyco. $300 to $325. Handmade in the USA. Great product.
I don't know where you saw that. It wasn't in the email ad I got or the webpage I ordered from. It was just a straight $199. Are you sure we're talking about the same reel? That sounds more like the 'Fishon' reels.

I have owned one of Tim's reels for my 2 hander. It's a great reel and Tim provides great service but in my opinion a Tom Morgan deserves something a little more refined.

I'm thinking more along the lines of something custom by this reel maker whenever my spot in his waiting list comes up. Maybe something similar to his current project, 2 7/8" St George with a 1912 check, which I don't think ever existed in the Hardy line-up, in that size at least.

Here's a pic from one of his recent Perfects. Chris makes some amazing stuff.

Second choice would be another Ted Godfrey Classic but I'd put a beating on those exposed nickle silver rims.

Tim Cottage

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Thanks for the heads up on these new reels.
The appearance is very much like a JLH on the frame side and a Marquis on the spool side. I'd like to see the inside. Thomas can you post a photo of the inside?
Based on the info in the press release, I like everything about it.
I got a good chuckle out of the paragraph explaining the "large-arbor performance in a traditional looking reel".
At 200.00 it could be a winner but I need to see one up close and personal. The devil is in the details.

That would make that ad even more stupid. They only make the Marquis in Salmon sizes now. The #1 is $329, the number #3 is $399. Stretching my memory but I thought the Marquis series was cheaper than the equivalent Lightweight back when they made small Marquis.

Anyway, stupid Red Truck ad aside, It's a nice reel, especially for $199.

Hardy Marquis I would guess.

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I have one of the Red Truck reels, in a 5/6 size, and it's a spot-on copy of the Abel TR2. The model is the Sonoma. The build quality is excellent. The only think I dislike about it is the disproportionate (relative to the reel) Red Truck decal on the side of the reel.