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Since I sold the digital SLR I just ordered a new camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2

Can't wait to get it. Should be some nice, fishy photos in the months to come!:thumb:

Ed Call

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I never said it would be a fishy photo of my fish. It will probably be yours Bandy!:rofl:
What are the odds on this one? Might be worth some action! Rumor has it that recently guys named Matt, Jeff and Evan were not touching fish as often as they like. Won't you two be having some upcoming fish offs anyway?


Love vintage graphite!
Ya, I believe that Bandy has thrown down the gauntlet. Problem is, he always takes off by himself to fish and we are left to hear all the "stories" around the campfire. :rofl:


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I just bought the same camera; I had my eye on it for a while because of some great reviews of its quality video. I've taken a few pictures and I have been pretty happy with the results, especially close-ups. This camera is out of production; if you can find it, you can often buy it for below suggested retail. The replacement model, the TS3 ( will have a GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass, and depth indicator. The new model should be out in March.



Love vintage graphite!

I had heard about the upcoming new camera but the deals were really good right now on the TS2, and for my needs it will do everything I want. I also suspect the new camera will be in the range of $350 and that was a little steep for me. The TS10 is also out there but it is not as rugged as the TS2. I'm glad to hear you are happy with yours! I can't wait to get it!


Sculpin Enterprises
Yeah Root, I purchased one for home use and then wanted several for my college for use in the field. But because it takes forever to push paper through the purchasing system, the TS2 either was not available or was at an inflated price by the time our purchasing folks were ready to place the orders.... The addition of a GPS, especially if the location is encoded on a picture, in the TS3 may actually be a cool addition for marking locations in the field. I doubt that it will be worth an extra $100 - $150 / camera.

You will like the camera. The Panasonic instructions are VERY poorly written. Fortunately, I don't think that I will need to access all the bells and whistles.


Tim Cottage

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I've had a TS2 for about a year now. I am a basic point and shoot kind of guy and it satisfies my needs. Good picture quality in a wide variety of conditions, good macro for flies and bugs. Small enough and sturdy enough so far. I found it to be relatively easy to operate but its true that the instructions could use a good dose of editing.

The TS2 replaced my previous camera, an older Optio W which is now resting comfortably under the ice at the bottom of a lake in the cascade foothills. Unlike my Optio the TS2 is always attached to a tether around my neck whenever I am near water.


David Loy

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I grew interested in this camera when a fellow I was snorkeling with (this Dec.) had one. I asked him about it and looked it over pretty good. He'd had it for awhile and loved it. I went a different route (non WP) but this one hits a sweet spot.