casting practice at Birch Bay State park...

I'm spending a couple of days up at Birch bay & thought I would give the state park a try (Not really knowing where else to go with my limited time this morning.)

It was really windy so I thought I'd practice hauling, something I need to work on anyway. Now that I've finally tried it on the water I think I understand, but maybe y'all can help me out with something...

Is the purpose of hauling to get the fly moving faster so when it hits you in the face it gets embedded deeper? Or are you supposed to duck while hauling? In truth the fly line just slapped me in the face, so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. (Seriously, I just switched the rod over to my left side and proceeded to cast backhanded, but then had trouble getting the haul timing down.)

So in short, I still have no idea if there were fish out there anywhere, but there was a lot of wind. I was just happy that I wasn't working.


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With a bit of practice you can get a big fly moving fast enough to knock you out.. it hurts less removing the hook if you're unconscious. :thumb: It just sounds like you had a bunch of wind which always makes it tougher. There are a couple youtube videos that show the process pretty well and have been helpful. I always manage to whack myself in the head a few times a year. Wakes you right up!
I got hit in the back while tossing a Crazy Charlie out on the flats in Hawai'i when this random cross wind came out of no where. It honestly felt like I got shot in the back by a high-powered BB gun. I thought for sure I broke the skin in that spot. Wear sunglasses and a vest to protect your face and hopefully dampen the body shots!
I fished a Seattle beach a few weeks ago when it was very windy and I got myself in the back of the head with a clouser. Good thing it was really cold and I was wearing a stocking cap to soften the blow and get the hook stuck in that instead of my scalp.


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One of my greatest memories is my buddy, on a ledge on the umpqua in summer, nailing himself dead center, between the blades, with a comet style fly. While he's trying to reach around to remove it, he doesn't notice his felts are slowing sliding with the force of the current. He goes in, and when I get to him, it's basically just the very front of his face sticking out of the water, protecting his beloved cigar :rofl: