What happend to the steelhead in Washington?

I thought there would be a better showing of some intelligence at the WDFW meeting in Sedro. Like WW I was surprised so many people that profess to have a love of fishing are so ignorant of the situation regarding fish. I was impressed by the patience displayed by WDFW officials when dealing with the ignorance and misplaced anger directed at them.

The meeting consisted of WDFW crying about the lack of money and the public blaming them and commercial (tribal) fishing for the decline in steelhead. I heard little from either side about the true causes of steelhead decline and almost nothing regarding what could be done.
I'm sorry I missed that meeting but I was out of the country, I really wanted to be there.


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I'm sorry I missed that meeting but I was out of the country, I really wanted to be there.

Unfortunately or fortunately however you choose to look at it, you didn't miss anything. WW tried to ask a question and could not because of the uneducated taking over the meeting. It was a waste of time for anyone there that could spell their mother's name and sadly I think it was a waste of time for the WDFW officials present.

I hate to say this but the meeting reinforced my belief our fish don’t stand a chance. Even those that claim to love fishing are unwilling or unable to understand what the problems are and most certainly they/we are unwilling to do what needs to be done to save them.


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unfortunately, topwater, it is the sport fishing community who is fiddlin' while the fish go extinct. not a single organization has stepped up to take a lead role in ANY movement toward stopping extinction from moving further. just keep on sending in your dues, you will be certain to get a fancy slick paper publication once a month that reinforces that nothing is being done.