Natural Cork Popper Bodies

A month or so back I bought a bunch of natural cork poppers and have been tying them up and having a blast. By the way, these were preshaped and are beautiful! Here are some pictures of the bodies and some finished ones as well. Jaiyman

Nice flies man.

I've been carving/painting popper bodies using balsa wood. Got the tip from a friend and haven't looked back since. It's nice n' light, and lasts forever!
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I just wanted to let you guys to know that I still have plenty of these left for you guys that haven't gotten in touch with me. I appreciate those of you that have bought some from me. Jaiyman
Wow, now i know what to do with almost 300 natural and synthetic wine bottle corks!!

Lets see, i need a Dremel, a vacuum/dust box, ummm was that just a regular spearpoint knife? safety goggles, a machinists or woodworkers apron, ...damn these things is gettin expensive... :-o


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shit your average tinkerer has laying when I go buy that copic airbrush I will be guilty of over indulging my fascination with poppers.


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Thank you, PD, for sharing your video link. That is a cool way of shaping the corks. I can see that the whole process: shaping the popper head, epoxying the head to a hook, tying in the tail and rubber legs, and painting the body is time intensive, but no more (or much more) than tying an elaborate steelhead fly, like a Intruder or full-dress Atlantic pattern.



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I often need flies that take extra time. My boxes are bursting at the seams right now, I don't need to tie dozens of anything. So playing around with building poppers gives me a happy project.
Paul, your video is cool. I'm thinking I may have to do that. What kind of paint do you use on the cork? I bought some popper bodies in the past and painting and tying those things up sure takes a long time, not something you do the night before a trip.



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I just use acrylic craft paint. Some use the model paint (testors?) some use airbrush.

here's a link to a keynote presentation (pwr point) I made for a class I recently taught. I think that maybe even without my narration it might be helpful. It's a very large file so takes a couple min to load or download, then although a video file it will play like a pwr need to click it to advance each slide.