Hill's Spring Cleaning Sale (Dozens starting at $1.50)

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Lex Story

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My wife wanted me to pass on to you guys, that she thinks you are doing Gods work; after I pointed out the amount of money I could have spent.
If you are have problems when trying to order the sales items please note;
All the sale items are already in dozen packs (please look at the description of the product being sold)
To get the sale price please select a single pack of 1 to get a dozen flies for the sales price. If you order them by the dozen then you will not get the sales price.
When viewing your cart please ignore the line that says SINGLE FLY, that is not the case for the sales items. It is a single pack of a dozen flies that you are receiving.
Sorry for any confusion and we hope everyone enjoys the sale
Thanks again

Ed Call

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WOW, what a deal! I just ordered 300 flies for about $50! I hate tying dries, so that will be a nice addition to my dry boxes.
I pretty much thought the same thing Yellowlab. Plus, I have a couple of new compartment fly boxes that need to be filled. Worth my time to buy these at such a great deal and I can concentrate on tying other patterns.
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