Any Cady Lake reports?

We are heading over to Cady Lake this week to spend a couple of days at the Manor. We haven't fished there yet, so a couple of questions come to mind. I did speak to Larry earlier, and he said that there has been some activity with black woolly buggers fished deep, and then with green nymphs near the surface. Anybody have thoughts on what might work? Also, I am wondering if anyone has experience using his boats. I could drive the big gas guzzler and take my small boat or some pontoons, but I would rather take the little 4-banger and spend less on gas, and spend more on food, drink, flies, or whatever. Are his boats fairly comfortable for two old farts who aren't so limber anymore? Thanks.
Hi Strawfish,

Welcome aboard! Cady Lake Manor and Larry are great! We've stayed there several times, excellent food, rooms and company. Larry has Livingston style boats and one light brown conventional styled row boat. Save gas, use Larry's! Enjoy your stay and give us a report. Chironomids also work at Cady.


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Use Larry's boats and save the planet. There is usually some dry midge activity during tbe day as well. Size 20-22 griffiths gnats work well or throw a 22 parachute adams in a pinch.



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Cady has been putting out some nice

Bring a fast sinker and a floater.
Cast to risers with a soft hackle or a small
cadis... hand twitched in sub surface. Don't
go light weight on the tippet unless you like
to swear and be broken off.