4/2 Lincoln Park report


the Menehune stole my beer
I had a day off today. A rare day off. I had not fished since January 2nd. That was in Hawaii. It was warm there. It is cold here. I went to Lincoln Park. I fished the point in front of the pool. It rained. A lot. The wind blew. A lot. I made many casts. Clousers. Sliders. Poppers. Euphasids. Shrimps. Smelts. Smolts. Alevins. Rubber Leg-bearing Woolly Buggers. Epoxy minnows. Shock and Awes. I had no strikes. No hookups. A chick appeared. In a blue kayak. She asked if she could pass in front of me. I said yes. She passed. Perhaps even some gas. I kept casting. I was fishing. Not catching, but fishing. I caught nothing. But I was not working. I was fishing. In the rain and wind. It was a great day.

The end.

Go Fish

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I don't recall ever reading a Mingo
post about fishing in Puget Sound.

You get out when you can get out.


Ed Call

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I like Mingo's reports. Stop. I like that Mingo got out and posted a report. Stop. I'm sorry that Mingo changed flies so frequently. Stop. I'm sorry that Mingo's catching was not up to tropical par. Stop. I enjoyed reading Mingo's report. Stop. I wish the weather would have cooperated. Stop. I'm glad that Mingo got out to fish. Stop. I wish I was able to fish today. Stop. I look forward to his next report. Stop. ###