merill lake questions ?


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Well i pulled up the archives and read most , and found info that goes back to 2002 but not much info for the "now"

it seems it used to be just cuts , then rainbows , then browns and now trips !

it was also said the fish get a parasite that gives them tumors of some sort ? not that i want to keep any i just catch and release trout , but this seems odd and wonder if they still have it early in the year or just when the water heats up ?

i also saw a pic of a nice cutty about 18 inches long , then read a report the cutty's are now small do to the browns ?

are the rainbows native or introduced , and if introduced does anybody know what strain they use ? also it seems last year the trips were said to be about 19 to 22 inches ( the larger ones anyway ) so did they start that program 2 years ago and this would be the third year of the trips ? are some of these trips going to go 8 pounds this year ? or stay around the 4 to 5 pound mark that most reported on ?

i also saw a pic with a boat with windshield on it , i thought it was no motors on the lake ? we have a DB with either motor or electric or just oars of course
i'm in gresham so i don't have access to the regs right now ! is it keep 2 fish a day of any size ? or is there a slot limit ? or c&r which i prefer !

we are schooled in the chironos and strike indi's , also intermediate lines but was also wondering what the makeup of the lake was ? depth at both ends and so on . which end or side has the best weed growth and the such ! some areas better for hatches then others - and no i dont want to fish the hex hatch just looking for an early start on lake fishing ! our oregon lakes do not open tell the end of the month and the closest good fishing is in central oregon for any respectable trout !

i know i ask a lot for a way over crowded area so pm-s are welcome ! and i can give info back if need be ! thanks