12 year old Simms waders, just started leaking.


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In an earlier post I stated I was sending a pair of guide weight waders back to Simms for repair and would report on the outcome.

Tony from the repair center called and gave me the news. First he shared that they were made in '98, I knew it was a while ago that I bought them but forgot how long ago. He stated they had moderate wear and were in the middle of their "life-cycle". Dang, these waders will be long in the tooth by the end.

They replaced the stocking feet under warranty, great! And he said they found about a dozen random pinholes and a wear spot in the knee. The repair for these would amount to about $15 and $8 for shipping back to me. Damn! These waders have more than exceeded in use what I paid for them. I'm still gonna buy a pair of wader pants for a warm weather option, guess what brand I'll be buying...?

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Good news Roper!!
But $15.00 to repair them, man they must be a union shop to charge that much:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Simms are the best when it comes to customer service.
Now wait until some one chimes in with a Simms horror storybawling:


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$23 for what will likely last you another decade....Simms is awesome! While wading the Big Hole a few years back, I ripped a hole in a brand new pair of RiverTreks on a strand of barbed wire hidden in the grass. Simms sent me a brand new pair as they said they couldn't be fixed. There are few companies left that provide that level of customer service.


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Either you don't use them, or that is outstanding service from a set of waders, regardless of brand. If I got that kind of service from a set of Simms waders, they'd have my loyalty as well.

That's good to know. I have a pair of guide waders I'd like to get a life extension on. They are about 4yrs old, but have at least 5 pin hole leaks...did they redo the waterproofing too? If so that's a really great deal as a bottle of the revivx costs $15-$18 alone if you do it yourself.

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I was sure glad when Simms came out with the G3 wader because it knocked $100 off the price of the Classic Guides. For many years the ONLY wader I saw any guides wear were Classic Guides. Maybe it's because they got a screaming deal on them, or maybe because they were (& maybe still are) the industry standard.
I too have had excellent service from the Simms staff, but I'm already over my word coun....

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Good to hear and certainly what one can expect from Simms. I have the same experience with them, they are awesome to deal with.
I am amazed at how many people on this site will throw stones at Simms, I have never understood it. I have a pair that are 15 years old, when I got my G-3's I sent the old ones in for smaller feet. $50.00 and postage later I had them back, they fixed a few pin holes for a couple of bucks and now I have agreat pair of waders for my wife who will use them two or three times a year.
Simms = Great Company


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good to know, my GW's have to be 6 or 7 years old and have been hanging in the closet the last 3 or so since I became ill. I don't even remember if they had some leaks or not, but I will be finding out this year. Best waders I ever knew about.

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I started fly fishing in '06 and I'm still on my first set of waders. Simms something-or-other; I forgot the model. They have 3-layer gore-tex knees and butt. I have noticed a slight damping around the right knee lately. Must have been that blackberry forest I bushwhacked through on the OP a few years ago. Nice to know that I can get them professionally repaired by a journeyman wader repairman for so cheap!