Bush bunnies


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most people will only watch you until their buddy has gained entry to you vehicle and made of with the valuables, after that they generally leave !!! This forum is filled with parnoided fly fishers,you guys need to chill out ,seek total elightenment,or something as most of you guys are way to nervous to be having any fun.


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I agree, I don't like it when I'm watched. Instead of feeling like a pro, I get self conscious. But that's probably because I suck at speycasting and over the course of a half an hour I'm bound to flub more than a few casts. I get it in my head that they're thinking, "what the f*** is this kid doing? that's not holding water."

Dave Boyle

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Maybe he was hoping you'd fish through the run and let him in but you were parked there and he was polite so he ate his sandwich and thought f'it they're rooted there, I'll go upstream...2 sides to a story that's all I'm saying.



What was that old saying, "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching us" . . . . or something like that.

I don't particularly want to be a spey-casting sideshow, but I also realize that people are naturally curious and like to watch / ask questions.

I like Panhandle's story about being cussed out by a Frank Moore. I've been low-holed by a few legends but they haven't yelled at me (yet).

I'd kinda prefer the yelling - at least they're protecting the river and you can still keep fishing. Once a legend low-holes you, your fishing in that spot is pretty much done. :hmmm:



Ian Broadie

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The old showman in me thinks it's kinda fun, I try to step up my own game when I know I'm being watched and see if I can't squeak the occasional ooooo or ahhh out of them. Lord help my swollen ego if I catch something while being watched :D.


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what the heck makes you think he was watching you, sheeeesh get over yourself. maybe you were the one blocking his view. but maybe he was turned on by your backside and backhand, or maybe he was just watching you while his buddie was looking in your car. ya just never know.....
Do the booty dance. Most people will leave quick, if not you know you've got someone who will buy you drinks later :)
agreed! I just find it funny that someone would want to sit and watch me fish....I dunno, I like solitude and lack of audience....just my preference! I could hike further off the beaten path, but didnt think I should have too. Maybe ive been in the bush too loooooooong.........
A little touchy eh? Sometime guys can be annoying but most of the time people are cool about it, stay quite and keep their distance. I fish enough popular and close to the road spots that it is unreasonable to expect alone time. I can still have a good time if there are people there or not.


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I don't have any idea who Frank Moore is, but I'm sure I can ignore any old coot who decides to start screaming at me...:)