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I like kielbasa as a camping food. It is good in a sandwich on fresh baked bread with sweet onions and mustard, good sliced on Ritz crackers with ale or sliced in small pieces in scrambled eggs and served with hash browns. For years I have been heating it over a charcoal fire to get some grill marks then using it over a period of days as described above. The only problem with the way I have been doing it is that heating it on the grill results in shriveled sausage after it cools. Not a big deal, it still taste the same but is a little drier.

Try this. Take the whole sausage and place it in a frying pan just slightly larger than the sausage. Pour in your favorite beer or ale and poach. About 20 minutes on each side should do it. Turn off the heat and let everything return to room temperature. I usually do this in the morning when I know I am going to grill later in the day. Then place on the grill until you get some grill marks and you're done. The result will be a kielbasa that is slightly flavored by the beer but doesn't split as easily and remains plump. It will last for many days if kept cool.


Steve Call

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Thanks Ive.

I take a keilbasa camping for the same reason you do - easy to cook and works for many meals! I might try poaching one in beer this weekend. Hmmm, maybe add some onions too............. now I'm thinking bratwurst.

Damn I wish it would stop raining!