Basin Bassin' 4/8


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We sort of had a tradition going of hitting Sand Lakes the first week of April. This year my buddy Jon couldn't make but Steve Worley was up for the adventure so we headed over late morning on 4/8. Water temps were right around 50 and the breeze was up & down most of the day. I thought it was a bit slow given the temps. I lost the first one due to no real hook set because of a slow pick up and general rustiness. Your damn lucky to get one in if you don't lay into the fish given the size hooks I use and I blew it. Next one was a different story and it made it to the net and photo session. Took the bulkiest fly I have built on a 5/0 owner hook. It always amazes me how large a largemouth's mouth is. That huge fly looked like a bite size snack in the fishes mouth. The head of the fly alone is half as big as my fist and I am no pipsqueak at 230 lbs. My take looking back was the irrigation water had raised levels and the fish were hiding(pushed) deep in the tulles making accurate casting to the base of plants were the fish were hiding very critical. Nice day to be out there too. It was also my first time out with my new specialty bass rod. I just took delivery of a Sea Level Bass Series #8 weigh rod and matched with Rio Outbound(short) line it cast very sweetly. I'd have to say I like this rod better than the Sage rods for the same purpose.
I even had on my 4-eyed 3/4 + oz jig fly and it threw(slung) that with ease. I'll have to take a photo of the setup next outing.

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"I would have never guessed you at 230."

Wide shoulders help hide the 25 lbs I shouldn't have. Couple that with a head full of rocks, three beers and two burgers and I'm THERE!

I never hear any bass tales from you but I'm game... we should spin some boat photos into an outing for bass? I'm out till the first week of May. By then we'll have fish on beds!

Thanks Mike.


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I imagine after you get back from your trip, you might not have the same zeal to fish here in WA.

The predator crews are starting to catch smallies and walleye around the islands between the dam and the first bridge.


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Do you have a link to the program? Is it a study or removal effort? What month sees the heaviest smolt traffic through there? I have all kinds of questions.. for later.

I'm behind this year and yes the fish down there would be moving by now..... might... might even be a few beds going if you know where to look on the big river. I can't believe I'm going to miss almost the whole first month of fishing on the Columbia :/