Insect decor...

I have decided to decorate at least two of the four blank walls in my tying room with handsomely matted and framed photos of the bugs we all have come to love as symbols of the hot fishing "light switch". First, I thought I'd solicit a list of actual insects from everyone. Would also appreciate a book title or two. Thanks in advance...Fire Away

Thomas Ames' books, Fishbugs, and Caddisflies would yield excellent photographs, but you won't want to tear up the books once you see them

Already found those titles. Thx. No intention of desecrating them but rather adding them to my growing collection. Ok, I got a couple books comin. How about some suggestions for my photo subjects?? Everybody has their own ideas as to which bugs are most important...gimme yours.
HOLY SHITBALLS!!! That's EXACTLY what I was Lookin for, just thought it would be more quaint to get group effort trickle style input, but there us no WAY that would have been as comprehensive as that link. Thankyou Taxon. I'll send ya pic or two when I'm done. Wife's stoked to spearhead the project, she's a photography nut.