Annual spring steelhead trip to S.E. Alaska!

Just got back from the Situk...I can honestly say, it was the slowest fishing I've ever seen in the 20 years that I have been fishing it. The water was extremely cold and historically low. But, that being the case, it still didn't stop us from having a great time and catching a few fish. One of my goals that I set out to accomplish on this trip, was to try to raise a fish on a waking pattern. Scott Howell's Ska-opper...well guess what? I did, with three persons watching, what a thrill!!!! All in all, good times, great food, a little imbibing, and having the opportunity to pursue a passion...I'm truly grateful. Here are some pics from the trip. And sorry for the pics of the anatomically correct snowman, fishing was just real slow, five-six steelies a day.....

P.S. I am a proud papa...Dan Jr. just got drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs!!!!!!!


Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin
Ahh the silver ghost, what a treat! Even to have hooked once are memories of a lifetime. On the skate, your a lucky man. Few have enjoyed the thrill. Great report!

Congrats to your boy!