All 'Dry'-ed out

Spent Friday and Saturday (6-7MAY) fishing Dry Falls. Between myself and a two others in our camp group, we only caught a handful of fish with over 12 hours spent on the lake over the two days. Both days there were about 10-15 floats/boats on the water through the course of the day. On Friday, we saw a few folks catching fish with consistency using the tried and true chiro methods down deeper. At around 2PM there was a good mayfly hatch of about size 10-12 gray body and wings that produced some active feeding on or just under the surface. The fish were still picky though. Saturday proved more difficult with winds and rain and real finicky fish. Didn't see much action from anyone on the water. Noticed too that most fish caught weren't as large as I used to catch or see.

The dredged/widened launch area sure is nice though. And of course, in the absence of frequent fish to hand, the surroundings are enough to remind you of the simple beauty...

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Did you try parachute Adams or an emerger pattern during that hatch? Always worked well for me, even in the middle of the open, deep water. I alwys keep a dry fly rigged on one of the rods.

Dredged / widened? The water level is up from last fall, no dredging permits that I know if.