2011 NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament


"Ride'n Dirty."
Jeff and Kcahill,
Lets do it. I'll be there as quickly as I can on friday too, maybe sooner than noon (traffic dependent). i'll send both of you a PM, and lets get this nailed down so we can get our fish on. thanks guys.


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I can be there anytime on Friday, fishing will save me from poking around the area fly shops and spending money on gear I dont need :rofl:

Jerry Daschofsky

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Just a heads up. I will be able to access the page. So if you need to contact me, hit me up through PM. I'll check in periodically. :)

Hope to see you all up there in the next couple days. :)


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My shit is 95% packed up and ready to go. Hook up the boat in the morning and leaving directly after work at 5. I think I'll camp at Big Pine tomorrow and head to the KOA some pont on Friday. If you see a dark blue Honda mini-van with a white drift boat behind it, it's probably me. If you're wondering why he has the music so damn loud, it's definitely me.

Ed Call

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I'm 95% packed too. Waiting for the laundry to dry and I'll be 100%. My boat trailer is already hooked up and I'm taking it to work tomorrow. You can all figure out the rest of the story.