columbia smallies


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Over the weekend we camped at Horn Rapids and fished sloughs and back channels from Vantage to Goldendale. Carp are just getting to the spawn in the warmer spots and were very hard to pick up between sex on the brain, wind and murky water. Fishing around wind turbine farms...guess we all know what that can be like. But damn it was fun to get out on the east side. The new-to-me Murdich Minnow was a lot of fun to fish, very visual fishing with so much unweighted flash.



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Nice pics there
Looks like a lot of fun. Very frustrating seeing 100's of carp when they spawn and they wont take a fly /lure
I raised one smallmouth on a spun deerhair,rubber-legged bug and another struck the BananaRama as soon as it landed.

Let me know when you get the smallmouth itch and I'll tell you about a couple of interesting places.

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I finally tied up some Murdich Minnows and took em fishing. They worked great. I landed 10 Smallies, 2 of which were 2-3 Lbs. I finally wore out the only 2 I tied so I came home and tied a few more, plus I added a new color. Next week I'll give Banks Lake another shot unless I can figure out a closer spot. Any suggestions?