Eastside Warmwater report


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I fished Potholes, Banks, and Hutchison/Shiner over the weekend with very little to show for it. We landed only one smallmouth at Potholes near the state park for 3 hours of casting and stripping streamers. The guys in the bass boats did not do well either. We got two nice largemouth out of Hutchison, but for the time we put in we should have landed 20, not two. One was on a Dahlberg Diver fished on a sink tip and one on a giant, black articulated leech. Banks was no better, we landed one smaller largemouth on a crayfish pattern and saw no other fish caught. We tried topwater to no avail.

Over all it was a very slow Memorial Day Weekend, even for the guys using bait and traditional bass lures. There was a bass tournament going on at Banks, and I'm not saying that no fish were caught, just that I saw no one catch fish nor did either of the two boats I spoke with. Banks, Potholes, and just about all other bodies of water looked very high to me. Potholes was especially high and I think that may have had a negative effect on the bite. I spoke with one bass fisherman that fished the Columbia and he said it was the worst day he's had there in years. If you are planning on heading over, give it a few weeks and let the water go down and the temperature go up and I am sure you'll have better luck than me. Good luck, fellas.