what do you guys use for stud protection?

Home Depot sells a 3x2' interlocking mats with holes in them. Not very expensive or heavy and they work great in my boat. I cut them with a rotozip tool to fit.


Just bought some floor mats from Clackacraft and installed them in my 1985. They were $10 each and I used 7 to cover the rowing area and front floor. Didn't add significant weight to the boat. :thumb:
Lacrouse has slip on's that retail for about 12 bucks look for them at the co-op or farm supply I have used them for a few years in my Hyde the go on easey and the studs don't wear thru.
One application of a high tech polymer will only add about 15-20 pounds to your boat and allow you to dance on the floor with studded boats. Send me a PM and I'll provide info on a company in Portland that I've used. Drift boats seem to cost around $500-$600.

And shame on anyone who's making light of the need to do away with felt soles. They certainly work better than any of the new rubber soles but there is a VERY serious reason that they have to go. I've found a good set of rubber soles with studs works about as well a set of felt soles without them which means the condition of your drift boat floors will become an even bigger concern down the road.


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I bought a new Clackacraft last year and it came with mats. They are about 1/2 inch tall and are very light. I wear studs in my boots and have not had a problem with the mats. You will likely have to cut them to fit properly but that shouldn't be too difficult. I have them secured together with zip ties. Give the guys at Clackacraft a call and I am sure thet can help you out.
A high-tech polymer coating is the lighest and longest lasting solution.

And FYI, it won't be long before felt soles are outlawed in all western states. Several states have already banned them and unfortunately a rubber sole with studs works about as good as a felt sole. Montana is taking the invasive species issues so seriously that we were stopped at two State check points on the way back from the Elk River a few weeks back. They checked the boat and all our wading gear.