Fiberglass reproduction question....

I recently caught a beautiful steelhead that I'm looking to have reproduced but I don't know who to use. Does anyone know of a good source? If you have pictures of the mount?:dunno
I think Hunter Fisher in Anchorage is the best fish mount, skin or fiberglass in the world, but that's in Anchorage. You could call to check though. I have been to the shop of Chris Brunell in Carnation and his stuff looked great and the price was pretty reasonable $13-15 and inch I believe. His # is 425-880-4394. I'm sure he'd be happy to show you those he's working on and has done. His big game display pieces are amazing. A friend of mine will be picking up a rainbow this week. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Jerry Daschofsky

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You can try Blackwater. Think that's their name. They did all the mounts in Sportco, and now located out in Gig Harbor (on the route I should be doing right now lol). Pretty reasonable for glass mounts. Plus, his steelhead, salmon work is extremely good. My thing, I'd LOVE to find someone who does good chum mounts. I know, who wants to mount a chum? But caught one weighed at almost 25#'s. Thought I had the state record that year, until I went in and found out the other guy came in a day or so before with that 26 or so. But, haven't found anyone who makes a good chum mount in full color. Usually all are crappy (and these are award winning mounts too).

I'd also say go with a glass mount. Have friends who have skin mounts. They like knowing they have the real fish up there, but are constant upkeep. They love their glass mounts more, since virtually no upkeep.

Bob Triggs

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I second the motion for Ellen McCaleb(Roper's post above); I saw one of her early carvings of an huge Atlantic Salmon, that a friend caught back on the Miramiche'. Her work is amazingly realistic. Just beautiful.
Yes...You did see us at Issaquah Salmon days. Thanks for the compliments on our reproductions!
On another note;
We had a descent day on Rocky Ford yesterday. Between the 3 of us we hooked at least 25 fish.
Damsel nymphs were on the menu and these fish chased em like a great white to a surfer!
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Thanks for all the suggestions. The fish on look great. It's time for my first reproduction!! I'll send everyone a pic when it's done. Fish on.:thumb