AK Recommendations


Tamer of Trouts
Looking for some suggestions for an AK trip for my dad and I...we are thinking about a September time frame for probably a week. Don't need anything fancy just a good quality place with good guides. Salmon/Steelhead/Trout doesn't matter.

Thanks, Josh
If you're going self-guided, Jason is spot-on. After Labor Day is a good time to fish the Kenai; 2nd run of silvers arriving, 'bows and dollies on the red leftovers in the upper river and the nimrods are gone moose hunting.
If you're looking for a guide, try this:
It's a new lodge that has good staff & a good price that includes air from Anchorage; this can run you as much as $1K/person to the jump-off points of King Salmon, Naknek or Dillingham. They are in a good location to hit differnt streams, depending on what's hot at the moment. I'm not affiliated in any way, just looks good from research I've done. Also, Flywater Travel has a good reputation, I know people who've used them for BC steelhead trips and were very happy. Dave Egdorf's wilderness camp is consistently rated as one of the best, as well. In this economy, it could pay to shop around.
Personally I'm not a fan of the Kenai, although there will definitely be fish to catch. The pressure on the Kenai is worse than the Snohomish during a humpy run. If you are willing to get a guide, go someplace a little more remote. There should be a lot of silvers around and there are a lot better rainbow rivers than the Kenai. September can start to get cold and miserable, especially towards the end, so make sure you are ready for cold, wet weather.