Wards Thorobred

I own a 3/2, 9' Wards Thorobred Bamboo Fly Rod in execllent condition. One tip has agate tip top, the other tip has serpentine/wire tip top. The reel seat is metal and a screw-down. Wraps are orange w/ black trim. Can you tell me when these rods were made and/or marketed? I was told mine was manufactured around 1947. Thanks,
Based on the model name, it could possibly be a trade rod version of Heddon's rod#14 Thorobred model.Prior to the late 1950's, when fiberglass rods took over the market, it was common for big production rod companies like Heddon to make private label rods for hardware and sporting goods stores and mail order catalogs like Montgomery Wards.

According to Michael Sinclair's Bamboo Rod Restoration handbook, the Heddon #14 rods of that period had a down-locking plastic reel seat with a cedar spacer, and red wraps with no trim. They could have put different components on a trade rod. Tip-tops are usually the first component to require replacement on a rod, so it's not unusual to find old rods with different tip-tops.

There are experts on Clark's list that may have other information, and would be able to assess value for you. Heddon was one of the better production rod companies, and the #14 was one of their mid-range models, so you may have a good usable fishing rod.

Hope this helps.