NFR: And now wolves in the Teanaway drainage

Hey Mumbles, who's Mother Nature here? Did they come back on their own? Or did we humans reintroduce them?

I'm a firm believer that we, mankind, have not been a very good steward of what we've been entrusted with. I'm simply, again, agreeing with others like the Old Man, that evidence shows they typically become a problem. I don't like it anymore than you. It's just what the evidence proves. Say what you will, Montana is a prime example.
Hey, while we're at it....let's start a campaign for getting our rivers restocked with the Squaw Fish! Why is there a bounty on them? Cause we love our I right?

How is that any different than guys loving to hunt for elk or deer? I think it's called "double standard".

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I8, was this pack introduced? What do you know that I have not read about this pack being dropped off here by some bucket biologist? If the pack grows rapidly, kills indiscriminately and threatens other populations they can be regulated without being eradicated, no?
I don't even know how to respond to a thread like this. I already know of a wolf that was stalking a hunter last year and he was barely able to get a shot off before it got to him. If you like to go camping in the woods, just keep an eye on the wife and kids....just sayin.


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Because the liberal you are talking about is a made up person in your head. There is a bunch of gun owning, hunting, fishing, liberals in my family...including me. It's easy to fight a made up oponent in your head. None of us oppose trapping either. Liberals are a much less homgenous group than you seem to think.

6-3 Sox (8),
Being a knuckle dragger ,I had to look homgenous up in the dictionary to discouver what it means. But I couldn't find the word, is your spelling correct or is it my dictionary that is obsolete?


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I just contacted my naturalist friend who has monitored the Yellowstone packs every year since they were introduced. He knows them all by name.... Hopefully he will give me some insight into this a bit.
"Leave a light a footprint......"

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Makes me want to laugh and puke at the same time.

Have you ever spent time outside of a manicured park?
OK, Ribka, you know nothing about me other than I presumably flyfish and occasionally post on this site. F... you. Rather than flaming you on this group, I'll PM you.