Summer Steelhead Counts at Bonneville


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Don't head east. Too many rattle snakes anyway. If there isn't at least 700,000 steelhead over Bonnie by July 1 the year is going to be a BUST. BUST BUST BUST. Besides 95% of the steelhead in the Columbia basin east side summer run are SMALL. BC for BIG. USA for SMALL.


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Pan, thanks for the info to the similar thread...I missed it.

Inland, I plan to go north regardless of any numbers down here or any predictions up north. That is an annual must. However, regarding total numbers most times the Snake dwarfs the Skeena in adult steelhead returns but still I point the vehicle north. And it is not necessarily the fish size but the total experience.

Still, I hope for a good showing down here to keep me entertained the rest of the time I'm not north and that hopefully wild fish can be recovered in time to be de-listed.

And finally, this is a great quote but I've found folks from BC anyway to be pretty good dudes.

My problem with BC (and Minnesota for that matter) is the Canadians :)
Counts over Bonneville are looking better today only 80,000 behind last year and 26,000 behind the 10 year average. The Ratio behind is getting better so they may be a bit late.



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Please re-boot your sarcasm meter. Just having a go to wind a few up. If this little thread starts a mass exodus from Snake River tribs to Skeena & tribs...geebus WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS TEN YEARS AGO?