Lenore report

Got a phone call last night from Spokane buddy. He and friend fished Lenore Wednesday, They only caught 4, 18-22 inches, but some fishermen were killing them but were very tight lipped about what they were using. All were bobber fishing with (assume) Chronimids but apparently some were using the "right" size and color and some weren't .

My buddy said one guy caught at least 40+ and two other guys 20+ each and the rest, my buddy and friend included, caught one now and then!

Anyone know what pattern the lucky fishermen might have been using.

Everyone was fishing in water about 6 feet deep so I don't think depth was a big factor. My buddy wants me to meet him this weekend so any thought or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Jerry Arlington
>My buddy said one guy caught at least 40+ and two
>other guys 20+ each and the rest, my buddy and friend
>included, caught one now and then!

My neighbor was fishing Lenore on 3/19. between him and his partner, they lost track on how many fish were caught before NOON. Fishing was crazy...but his is even tight lipped about patterns with me. I'm trying Nunnaly on 3/20. any suggestions for the novice fly fisher?



Workin in a sweet mullet
I have had awesome luck on Nunally with teeny nymphs and olive buggers, and have heard that big black leeches/buggers are key at Lenore. Havent ever fished Lenore, but that's what I have heard from friends that fish it. We are not too big on the chironomid fishing, but it works, I guess.
I spoke to a guide last week who said he had fished Lenore last week and caught 20+ fish using chrms. He didnt say sizes but stated ice cream cones and black and silver patterns were working well for him.
I fished at Lenore last saturday and had about the same results. 4 fish (18-25") on a size 12 red crm. Black and green also produced a couple of fish for my buddy but we certainly didn't do as well as others that day. The person that I saw doing the best told me he had switched to a smaller fly but I don't know the exact size or color. The other thing I would add is make sure you have an anchor. Those that did well all seemed to be able to stay in the same spots and catch lots of fish.

Good luck and let us know what worked.