Family Heirloom knife lost in Del Norte Redwoods

Flyfishing Dad

displaced Alaskan
On a trip along Oregon Coast and Northern California Del Norte Redwoods one year ago. White Stag / Buck style custome folding knife; rosewood handle, nickel bolsters, leather belt sheath. Knife given to my on first anniversary by wife while we were living in Arctic Alaska 27 years ago. Lost in the Del Norte campground just across the Oregon/California border. Haven't been able to find another like it. Had hoped to give it to my son when he someday gets married. Wish I could find another like it. Had a 4.5 inch blade, tempered stainless steel. Kept a real sharp edge. None of the knife makers or companies I've seen match it. Anyone finding it I'd love to have it back (longshot). Or if you know where one can be purchased that matches the description.