Ecollar for Pointing Dogs?

I've owned flushers and still do so a standard ecollar has worked fine. I'm now running a pointer and have a need for a collar with a locator. I prefer running dogs with bells so I don't want to use the 5 second interval tone. What I want is a collar that I can locate a dog on point by pressing a button on the remote. Does it make sense to purchase a whole new ecollor with a combined locator or just buy a locator and run the dog with 2 collars on (ecollar and locator)? Cost difference is pretty substantial. I've been looking at the Sportdog 1850. Any suggestions and or thoughts on this?


Rick Todd

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I have the Dogtra (I think it call T&B) one that combines the ecollar with a locator/pointing tone. I can't hunt my pointer without one! I virtually never use the shock function. My dog now knows that after the warning tone comes the shock, so she pretty much minds when she hears it. I don't like the "run" tone, and I find bells irritating after a day of it, so I hunt her silent. If I lose track, I will hit the locator tone so I know where she is and she will come back to me when she hears that tone. I use "point only" which gives a steady beep when she is on point. I like this because I can locate where she is, I know she is on point so I never call her while she is on point, and the tone seems to "freeze" the bird. It works great and I'm on my 4th dog with the same collar. Rick

Good information. I wasn't aware you could set the collar to beep on point only. Hunting thick grouse cover it's easy to lose sight of the dog. I'm new to pointers and used to having close flushers so it was never an issue. I also don't like the run tone but having the ability to "signal" or tone while on point is ideal. My thought was when the bell stopped (and if I didn't know where the dog was) I would tone\locate her with the remote. Sounds like I wont have to do that if I purchase a collar that signals while on point. What other models are in this category? In your experience you don't think that tone spooks birds?


Rick Todd

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Try this place to get info on collars-it is where I bought mine. The grouse we hunt here (ruffs and blues) don't react like the ones in the midwest I'm told. These birds hold pretty good if the pointer is close. You can change the point tone and one is a hawk screech. That is really suppose to freeze the bird, but I don't like the sound of it. With pheasants, huns, sharptails and chuckar I don't think the birds are affected by the point tone. Some birds hold good and others don't, depending on the hunting pressure they have gotten and the cover the dog pins them in. Hope that helps! Rick
Funny you should mentionen the Collar Clinic...I l lived in Traverse City for about 10 years and spent some time in their shop. My parents are still up there so I spend alot of time in the area "visiting" (and hunting). I was just on the site looking at a couple reconditioned collars. Thanks again!