Windy Morning on MA 9 Beach

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Eight weight rod with Airflo 40+ integrated head line (check). Orvis stripping basket (check). Remember your practice sessions - "less is more" (check). All came together this morning in the wind. I was shooting plenty of line out by quartering a very nasty south wind. The greater distance in the wind paid off. Good day to leave the 6 wt at home. Nice buck pink salmon without any hint of a hump!:thumb:

About six other fisherman. Unfortunately, I didn't see any other fish caught this morning.:hmmm:

A great way to start a three week vacation! I'll be doing lots of fishing throughout.:)

On the BBQ now. Catch time to lunch time about two hours.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Probably the best BBQ'd pink salmon I have ever served (maybe that's not saying much), but more kudos than usual. Indirect heat, skin on, olive oil, sea salt, garlic pepper, basil, and just a touch of brown sugar. Wasn't on the grill a minute too long. Season to taste with a little Lawry's. The best part of all... not only more hall passes from the better half, but encouragement to get back out there!:thumb:
Good to hear that it turned out well on the bbq! The dangerous part about catching fish and getting hall passes is expectations soon follow. My wife doesn't think much of me coming home with a fish every now and then, And still expects that there will be plenty of fish to eat/smoke even though my time on the water is about 1/40th of what it used to be. :beathead:
I serously doubt I'll be able to fill up the freezer this year going out the amount that I do.


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I've used the recipe below a couple of time and it has crushed each time. This is coming from a guy who doesn't like cooking and generally wants to gouge his eyes out with a salad fork when trapped in closer quarters with foodies who vapor on endlessly about the platonic gradations that their endlessly refined palates are able to discern between the various grades of olive oil, etc. Having said that - when I kill a fish that would otherwise have gone on to be fruitful and multiply I feel an obligation to make sure that the folks chowing down on it appreciate what they're eating, and this recipe has delivered on that front.