WTB 6wt beach rod

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I would check back here periodically...there have been a number of nice used rods going for good prices lately. If you want a killer rod you better have a few killer c notes! ;)


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I have a 10' 6wt Echo Ion that I'll sell. I've used it a few times in the lakes, but never in the salt but it is a hell of a stick.


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I have a Helio's 906-4 saltwater "REFURBISHED" ROD -SOCK-AND TUBE I would let go for $300 plus shipping on this site. it's like new and I only used it once. It's a fast rod "tip flex" it only weighs 2 3/4 ounce. I called Orvis because it is heavier than the 9' 6" 6 weight (2 5/8 OUNCE) and was told it is built like a 6 1/2 weight for saltwater use. real - real tight loops with this rocket! fighting butt. the tube is also 3 inches longer but still the beautiful composite tube of the Helio's. there is a "R" marked on the CORK handle for refurbished that I have not sanded off because I wouldn't want to sell it as non-refurbished. easy to sand off though!

I will be selling this rod soon anyway. just to fast for my liking for my slow stroke. It was built for tight loops and the saltwater wind. It would a great rod for that purpose.
Both those sticks would make a fine beach rod. I fish a combo of both rods off the beach, a Helios 10' 6 wt, and it is a rocket. Personally I love the 10' length off the beach, and for many other applications, but that's just me. Either one of those rods would be perfect. Just depends on what you're looking to spend, and what features are more important.


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Someone had a 697-4 Sage One for sale here recently at a great price.
No pun intended, but that would be one killer beach stick.....provided Porter hasn't already bought it. :D
I damn near bought it myself but will stick with the 697-4 XP and 9664S CPS for awhile longer.
Still looking for one. Had a couple offers that fell through. Thanks Ira for the offer but not a huge fan of the echo ion. If anyone has a rod you are will to sell let me know.

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