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Damn you Coach, I can't decide if I love your pictures or hate them.
I'm to manly to process these emotion thingies, I'm gonna go take a piss outside now.

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This is an honest question asked out of interest and regret. I caught a number of bones fishing on our honeymoon in the Bahamas a number of years ago. Since the wind was blowing 30 MPH we used very light spin tackle and jigs. We couldn't use fly gear. Question: do those big brutes like the one you're holding run as fast and far as, say, a 2 or 3 pound fish? Man, if they do, how the heck do you slow them down? How much backing do you run and what weight rod do you use? Bonefish to me are the ultimate sport fish. And that is a big bonefish you took. I would love to get a shot at them now with a fly.
I have yet to land a double digit bonefish, so I'm not qualified to more than a personal opinion, but I've had a few shots in the Bahamas, and big bones truly fascinate me. The hooking is much more difficult than for the standard Bahamas 3-5 pounder, which comparatively is like fishing for high mountain trout that have never seen a fly; just get it in front of them and the rest is pretty automatic.

Generally, if you can see them, they can see you, and will be gone the instant you waive your stick at 'em or splash a fly within 10 feet. Duck down and take your one quick shot with a low angle cast is all you get as their cruising speed is twice as fast as the smaller fish. They mostly seem to appear from the worst wind angle possible. If bones are "nervous", big bones are full blown paranoids. I am told by those more experienced than I that the fight of a big bonefish is categorically different when dealing with double digit fish, and can fry your reel ball bearings in short order.

Double digit bones are truly a trophy fish, and Coach's many photographs tell a story that the man has got them dialed in.
Large bonefish are common in Miami's Biscayne Bay and down in the Keys. Definitely worth a guided trip if you're down in that area. If it's too windy for bones you can usually find a mangrove shoreline that will produce something ready to pounce and put up a fight (snook, snapper, tarpon, redfish, jack, ladyfish....)
The scenery isn't dramatic like Hawaii but the shallow water opportunities are magical, esp. if you throw in the saltwater everglades.

Johnny post some of those pics of those big Biscayne Bay bones you've landed. That Abula Vulpes subspecies is spectacular with it's huge shoulders and football like shape. Stocky buggers. How about a pic or two of the big ones you've landed. Sounds like you know the fishery well. I read about the "Bays" glory days in an article Chico wrote but haven't seen too many of the fish landed. Sounds awesome! Tight lines Duffer

Here's a recent Biscayne Bay bone. Not mine though, I don't fish for them much. When I go down there I head deep into the Everglades and typically target redfish or snook. Chokoloskee on the West Coast is an incredible place to fish, or just to be out on a boat. Bill Blanton is an excellent guide down there who can really get you onto fish with the fly. Here's his website:http://www.flyfishtheglades.com/Snook.html
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Got any pics of those big Biscayne Bay bones you've landed?

Nope. I fish for redfish and snook in the glades. Glad I got under your skin though, it's easy to do. You lost me as a potential client months ago with one of your (many) rants.

JR (That be "Johnny Rockfish" for those of you laughing your ass off at home keeping score)

Here's your PM right "Johnny"? The last time I checked this was a good, solid (maybe the best in the world) flyfishing site. Lots of characters, great information, some pissing some moaning, tons of laughs and great information. That is until you start giving out information on bonefish right "Johnny".:rolleyes: You don't even fish for them do ya "Johnny?" And if I lost you as a client, it's probably good for both of us. You'd be pissed when I threw your ass off of my boat and had to swim to Honolulu. See ya "Johnny my real name is Rockfish". Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Nice bone. Be yourself. If you hate me or not, it will not stop me from showing pics of great bonefish. Or from working my ass off and helping people to a great day on the water doing what we all love. By why humor me ;) Be the asshole you were in the PM. But then again you don't even use your real name do you? Coach
Coach, please accept my apologies for getting you so riled up. What was meant as gentle teasing of you about your repetitive posts has turned into more than I intended. Good luck in your venture, you're lucky to fish for such a majestic fish. If I decide to fish for bones next time I'm in Biscayne Bay where I grew up fishing or Islamorada I'll try to remember to post a picture on this site for your viewing pleasure. As you probably know, there are tons of big fish down there and they're relatively easy to catch if the conditions are decent. I usually head for the glades because not only is the fishing good but the scenery and wilderness experience is incredible.

Over, and out.

The Islamorada bones may be the best chance for a 15 pounder in the world. We have fish like that and even bigger and have cast at them more than one time but our luck in landing a fish of that weight has been nil. Give us some time, though and maybe........ Fish over 15 ponds have been landed down there. That being said you also have thousands of anglers pounding them for decades. They are as educated as a fish species on planet earth. Now I didn't get "riled" up. I found it extremely interesting that first off you love to lurk and start shit you never finish, 2 you ended up "spamming" just like you supposedly hate, and 3 you recommended a spot that would cost one of our views a shitload of money and then you don't even fish it yourself. I would guess due to the technical, tempermental tricky nature of the large bones down there. I have clients that have gone 5 days without a bonefish down there. It can be as tough or tougher than Hawaii. It's all about credibility. You can hate my delivery, and you can despise my honesty or the way I refuse to back down, but I am honest. In a fishing world full of bullshit artist, con men and overnight internet flyfishing experts I take great pride in my work ethic, my complete above board legality and my true love in our sport. Especially in teaching others about it. So if you are genuine fine, but it's not my credibility that needs some "bondo" right now is it?

PS How do I bury the hatchet with someone named "Johnny Rockfish". After all this time and as long ago as Chris invited EVERYONE to actually use their real name you still lurk around with a "handle". We don't even know who the hell you are.